Friday, April 4, 2008

Honor Woodard's Picks.

Critically acclaimed artist and photographer reviewed some of my work, here are some of her favorites, I hope you enjoy them as well. Please navigate to her blog, click here to go there now. Honor also works at Turner Studios on the set of Turner Classic Movies. Thanks Honor!


Honor Woodard said...

Ted - Thanks for sharing your work and inspiration. I look forward to seeing what you have when I'm back at Turner next month. Have a good time on Sanibel!

Atlsat said...

Thank you very much for "your" inspiration. Your dedication and passion to art, in all forms, is addictive to all around you. Please never stop. tm

Atlsat said...

WOW, looking back this was my first post, I've come along way since you introduced me to this blog process but have much further to go. Thanks Honor for your inspiration and help with setting up this blog!