Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunset 7.14.09

One of many sunset photos I take and post, I enjoy them. No matter how hectic my day, good or bad, a sunset always grounds me, gives me a moment to pause and take a breath.

July 4th Fireworks in the rain

I realize I have not posted on this site for quite awhile, I post most of my photos to But I want to keep this blog up so I am doing some catch-up.

I visited my father on July 4th weekend, I'm usually working July 4th, doing a parade or NASCAR or something but I had this day off. Homemade fireworks in the rain.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Braves and the coke bottle.

The Atlanta Braves were making up a rain out game with the Chicago Cubs but this entry is not about the Braves or the Cubs, it about the coke bottle in left field. A couple of days before this game (6.22) it was announced the coke bottle would be dismantled and replaced with something else after the Phillies series, July 2. I had to get some photos before the bottle came down. It had fireworks shot out of the bottle when a Brave hit a homer and had stood in LF for 12 seasons..enjoy..
Standing in line to get tickets, I had tickets to the rainout game, who knew..
Sitting behind home plate, Bob Uecker would be proud.
Looking toward left field where the coke bottle stands.

Coke bottle on LF, heading up to talk a look.
Coke bottles on the pavilian.
Beautiful sunset high atop Turner Field.

Coke bottle chairs and a sunset.
The coke bottle.
Decorated with baseball equipment and jerseys.

Thanks for the memories coke bottle. You had a great run.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shuttle Endeavour Launch and then some.

One could not have asked for a more perfect weather forecast for a launch. Driving 8 hours from Atlanta to Titusville and the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) to view one of the last shuttle launches. Everything was a GO for launch except for one little leak, a hydrogen leak developed as the rockets were being fueled. Thus scrubbing the launch. Hey I'm always ready for a sunrise, especially in Florida.

The moon and stars, a clear morning.
Sunrise just north of KSC.
Sunrise on the coast.

Good morning sunshine.

One of the many locals on hand to view the sunrise.

A pair of flip-flops on the beach.
A '69 van.
Space shuttle Endeavour on the launch pad. Ok! Now back to Atlanta via Tybee Island for dinner. I drove 4 hours north to Tybee to see some sights and...
Tybee Island Lighthouse.
...You guessed it, a sunset on Tybee Island. The sun is setting over the South Channel River, just SW of the Savannah River.

Goodnight sunshine.

Braves v. Priates

Welcome to Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves. After attending two rainouts, finally attended a game and made up for it in a big way, 15 innings!..enjoy..

The big baseball greets you as you enter Turner Field.
Pirates taking batting practice.
Mark Lemke (L) and Chip Caray (R) doing a pregame broadcast from the plaza.
Kenshin Kawakami pitches for the Braves.

Pirates batting.
Braves have man on first, Anderson at the plate.
Time to head to the Coke pavilion, after this photo was taken it was reported in the AJC, the Coke bottle will be dismantled and replaced. After learning this I decided I must return before the bottle is taken down.
Georgia State Capitol.

Cole bottle.

A beautiful sunset high atop Turner Field.
Braves WIN, Braves WIN in 15 innings