Monday, June 29, 2009

Shuttle Endeavour Launch and then some.

One could not have asked for a more perfect weather forecast for a launch. Driving 8 hours from Atlanta to Titusville and the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) to view one of the last shuttle launches. Everything was a GO for launch except for one little leak, a hydrogen leak developed as the rockets were being fueled. Thus scrubbing the launch. Hey I'm always ready for a sunrise, especially in Florida.

The moon and stars, a clear morning.
Sunrise just north of KSC.
Sunrise on the coast.

Good morning sunshine.

One of the many locals on hand to view the sunrise.

A pair of flip-flops on the beach.
A '69 van.
Space shuttle Endeavour on the launch pad. Ok! Now back to Atlanta via Tybee Island for dinner. I drove 4 hours north to Tybee to see some sights and...
Tybee Island Lighthouse.
...You guessed it, a sunset on Tybee Island. The sun is setting over the South Channel River, just SW of the Savannah River.

Goodnight sunshine.

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