Friday, May 30, 2008


It was my intention to have this blog as a photo blog, taking time to show the images that are colorful and have meaning, whether simple or complex meanings. Today however is one of those days where it would be challenging for a picture to speak a thousand words.

I’m not a big fan of Seinfeld but I do remember one episode where Jerry talks about the yen and yang, the black and white cookie. Where some members of the cast have good luck and others always have bad luck. Jerry has a little of both, good and bad. The bitter and the sweet.

Several things have happened today, kind of a bright sunny day with dark ominous clouds. Two very good associates where I work were let go. They were a total pleasure to work with, in every way. They have great attitudes, organized, good writers and producers and were always a joy to be around. Today is their last day. For that I am very sad, two very good people who deserved a better set of cards. I will miss them greatly..

Also with the bitter, I have had the great pleasure of crossing paths a very influential person. In life you may meet a hand-full of people that influence you in some way or another; career, life, personal, spiritual. This person is also a work associate and was here on temporary assignment, this assignment ends today. It is truly bitter sweet, for I am sad, very sad they they are leaving but should feel joyful and sweet for all their insight, wisdom, humor and friendship but I’m sad not bitter they are going..

I should be happy for their friendship and I AM but it’s still a dark Friday for me.. tm

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